Wake Up With Two Unreleased Songs By Martin Garrix And Gryffin

With everyone stuck at home a lot of famous DJs have been doing full sets from the comfort of their own houses to entertain everyone. Pretty much every weekend you can find full sets of various big time artists going all day long. This weekend I scoured the depths of YouTube for a few of these to play in the background while I was working. One I came across was the incredible Martin Garrix which I'll throw at the end of the blog for you guys. 

In these sets are two unreleased songs that I cannot stop listening to. One is by Garrix which he opens that hour long set with and one is by Gryffin who always is throwing out heaters. Enjoy!

This song is FIRE


Here's the Garrix live stream from his roof top which is pretty fucking cool with the sunset in the background. Imagine being his neighbors? You either cannot fucking stand this guy or you feel like you hit the jackpot. I assume when you buy your apartment in the building you're warned that an all-world DJ is probably going to be blasting music around the clock because it's his job. Some buyer beware kinda deal. 

The Dutch police actually had to come make sure Garrix wasn't throwing a party when they got wind the live stream was going down. What a cool life. 

Happy Monday.