This Is Definitively The Worst Hat In Human Existence

We all make a lot of bad decisions throughout our lives. Most are forgivable since part of being human is fucking up. Nobody is perfect and that's okay. A few mistakes, however, are not excusable such as murder, treason, and buying this Yankees/Mets hybrid hat.

If you come to the decision to purchase this hat with your own money you should be put on a CIA watch list immediately. There should be an island created just for these people to live out their remaining days. We don't need these individuals in society. They clearly offer zero help to the future of mankind and are only holding us back from optimal living. Please, if you see someone wearing this hat or on the verge of buying it, do your community a favor and alert the authorities. 

I will say if this hat was created where all the money is donated towards COV-19 relief funds that's obviously all well and good. Just light the hat on fire the moment you get it in the mail. 

Spinzone: Is it possible this hat was created to bring New Yorkers together during these trying times? Find something we can all collectively hate and despise in an effort to form an unbreakable bond. "What if I told you a hideous hat could take down a global pandemic? ESPN's critically acclaimed 30 for 30."