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Wake Up With Miguel Cabrera Hitting A Moon Shot Off The Camera Well

I wish Miguel Cabrera got the recognition he deserved. The guy is a top 5 (?) player of our generation, def top 3 hitter we've seen in a long time, and such a damn good player for a long amount of time. This ball he hits in Detroit was a MONSTER shot off the camera well. That camera well ain't close either. Everything he does in the box is perfect, it's insane how good he was in his prime. Take a look at his stats if you've forgotten how good he was. World Series champ, 2-time MVP, 11-time All Star, 4-time batting champ, 7-time Silver Slugger, and a triple crown in 2012. Not to mention 477 career bombs, a .315 average, 2,815 hits, an OBP of .392, and 1,694 RBIs. Model of consistency for a majority of his career, he has to be a first ballot HOFer. Watching Miggy hit is a pleasure, real shame he's been lost in the depths of Detroit for the past few terrible seasons. Such a pretty swing too.