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Andy Murray Blows Up His Teammate's Spot, Talks About His Road Side Piece On Live Television






Duuuude. Come on Andy. What the fuck was that? There’s joking with the guys then there is blowing up your friend’s spot because your jealous of the side pussy he’s getting on the road and that’s what that felt like to me. Come on man. You can do a lot of things in life. You can be a jerk to a lot of people and a generally unliked guy, but you can never blow up a guy for having a side piece. If I’m the WTA President I’m fining Andy Murray for this. Even if this was just a simple joke, you still need to take a stand, because this is worse than steroids in my mind. Can’t blow up a guy’s side piece, can’t have it. If this goes unpunished the world as we know it begins to crumble.




Also love the announcer saying “I think they’ll giggle all the way to the locker room, I think they’re in a very good mood”. Haha, sure lady, Dom Inglot is having an AWESOME time right now.






Crisis control to the max right here.


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