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No SHOT Lebron Takes One Of These Pills

I'm sorry for making the cliche Lebron joke... but there's just no Lebron is taking one of those hypothetical Reinsdorf pills. He's passing and then bitching about it for a week or two

All of the teasers that lead up to The Last Dance apparently showed MJ being a complete and total prick. Was he? Sure he bullied players around and ran practice with incredible intensity, but after watch the first 1 hour 45 mins of this doc it's safe to say he had the most insatiable appetite for winning EVER. Obviously he was known for his competitiveness, but there probably isn't many people around my age (30) who realized what a psychopath he actually was. Holy shit was this dude crazy, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. I knew he was competitive, but the way this doc has portrayed him so far goes beyond competitiveness. There's not even a word to describe it I don't think