Full Video Of Suge Knight's Hit And Run (Pretty Graphic)

There are hit and runs that can kind of be accidents. Always a scumbag move to flee the scene but you know sometimes its an unintentional accident and you panic and you never intended to hurt anyone.

This is not one of those times. The old “back up over one man, go forward and run over him again and then mow down his friend like you’re playing GTA” hit and run is just classic vehicular homicide. Although I will say this – the type of dudes who associate with Suge Knight are probably asking for it. They’re probably the type of guys who deserve to get run over by a car. Like if that guy really did have a gun can you blame Suge? I mean yes, of course you can blame Suge but my point is that all of those guys should probably just go to jail. I feel like just having contact with Suge Knight makes you a criminal punishable with jail time.