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Oddly Mesmerized By This Flipbook Of RVP's Absurd Goal From The World Cup

Impulse – Robin van Persie’s amazing diving header against Spain is currently the most impressive goal of the World Cup so far. In appreciation of his beautiful goal that helped the Dutch defeat the reigning World Cup champs 5-1, this awesome flipbook has been made.

This isn’t about the goal, this is about the flip book. Remember making those on the bottom corner of your marble notebooks? I usually went stick figure. Stick figure guy fucking crushed it. He’d go up in the air, then down, and then sometimes even went back up again. Oh so what if he never scored diving headers in the World Cup? He fucking owned the marble notebook game. Regardless, it’s a pretty sweet flipbook this guy has. Not saying it’s better than mine, because I was like 12 and this guy is a professional flipbook maker I guess, but it’s still pretty impressive.

PS: You know what else is sick? The vision of the guy who passed it. It was like a QB putting it perfectly into a WR’s hands in stride. Just an absurd pass.

PS: I love these guys

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.47.47 AM