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No But Seriously, FUCK Reggie Miller

Just wanted to shout out and piggy back off Chief's wonderful blog by adding my own FUCK REGGIE MILLER post since I'm pretty sure I am going to hate my blogging brothers at Barstool Chicago along with every other Bulls/MJ fan at 9 PM ET for the next however many Sundays "The Last Dance is on". This blog is essentially my last dance as friends with those guys until the 10 PART series of pain is over. I obviously say this as a Knicks fan who was burnt by Reggie countless times in the 90s during games that pretty much created the legend of Reggie Miller (h/t Spike Lee for unleashing the full powers of that skinny ghoulish demon on my basketball soul). 

I'm not just saying fuck Reggie Miller because he ripped my guts out at a time of my life when sports meant wayyyyy too much for me. Michael Jordan did the same thing.  At least when MJ was putting us in the torture chamber, you knew it was the best player in the universe doing it. Reggie may have been an assassin, but goddammit he was unlikable. Not just in the human sense that he seemed like an asshole, but in the basketball sense that he was a flopping bitch on offense that was able to get all those shots off thanks to the hard work of those two big fuck Davis Boys and the Dunkin' Dutch Man setting a zillion screens followed by Reggie whining whenever there wasn't a foul called. Reggie would also flop on defense if flailing his four twig appendages was considered defense.


I wave the Fuck Reggie Miller flag well past his playing days too. 

Fuck Reggie Miller for having one of the shittiest tattoos on God's green Earth

Fuck Reggie Miller for pursuing married women like a scumbag

Fuck Reggie Miller for ruining countless big NBA games and moments with his shitty calls.

Actually I only kinda mean that last one because Reggie ruins those great moments not only for me but for the same people that clown Knicks fans for what Reggie did to us. Fuck those people too because if Reggie never killed the Knicks, he would just be a retired player with a nice outside shot that wasn't even the best basketball player in his family and he sure as shit wouldn't be NEAR an announcing booth.

And of course fuck Reggie Miller for ruining my year countless times with some of the most ridiculous clutch shots ever, even though it must burn Reggggggieeeeeeee deep down that the Knicks beat him in the 94 and 99 Eastern Conference Finals where he would've faced Hakeem and some awesome role players or Baby Timmy Duncan, The Admiral, and Sean Elliott for a ring instead of being the team that ushered in the Shaq and Kobe Dynasty.


TL;DR - Fuck Reggie Miller