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Fuck Reggie Miller

The Chicago boys are doing a live stream of the 1998 Conference Final vs the Pacers tonight ahead of the premier of "The Last Dance". I went down a bit of a rabbit hole in preparation and remembered one thing...Reggie Miller was the fucking WORST. All-time punchable face. That skinny body, the dumbass haircuts, the smugness, and he tried to get physical with Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Tough guy under the basket when he thought he could just shove MJ and head back up the floor. No no no. FUCK you dude. Your scrawny ass doesn't get to do that to the greatest player whoever lived. Jordan didn't survive the Pistons years just so have some bag of bones try to intimidate him. FUCK you, Reggie. You made Michael angry enough to punch you. You made him punch your face with his shooting hand. That could've fucked up the entire 1993 season. What an asshole.


Everyone talks about Bulls-Pistons and Bull-Knicks from the Jordan years, but those battles with the Pacers are the ones that I remember because…that 1998 year is the only year I was legit old enough to remember. Can't wait to start it up again tonight. Hating the Pacers was the only thing that the Bulls and Knicks could agree on. Reggie was at the center of that. It's gonna feel good to hate again. 

Reggie knew better…