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NCAA Has Solved Every Major Problem In College Football, Moves On To Tackle The Issue Of Crop-Top Jerseys

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NCAA - Rules changes approved for the 2015 season by the panel include:

Officials will treat illegal equipment issues – such as jerseys tucked under the shoulder pads or exposed back pads – by making the player leave the field for at least one play. The equipment must be corrected for the player to return to the game. The player may remain in the game if his team takes a timeout to correct the equipment issue.



PHEW THANK GOD.  The NCAA finally caught up with all the pesky issues that were dogging them. Time to buckle down and fight the the important stuff that has been allowed to stand for far too long.  Mostly, player bellies.  Wayyyy too much belly out there on the field.  Kids are watching for god’s sake.  Plus it’s a lot harder to tackle a man from his bare stomach than from a jersey, biggest competitive advantage since Stickum.



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PS – Quick question, who’s going to tell Shawn Oakman?


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Would loovveeee to be the little intern who had to go up to Oakman and tell him to put a shirt on.