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Reader Email - My Buddy Got Caught Cheating In A Fantasy Basketball League


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Reader Email


So the second place team in my league and the last place team colluded so the last place team dropped Kris Middleton and the 2nd place team picked him up two minutes later (who cares). Obvious colluding, so myself as the commiss sent out a league vote, which was 7-3 in favor of disqualifying, of course that lead to these text messages and this apology video made by the second place team in exchange for a reinstatement back into the league. Oh and winner only takes 350. enjoy.



Hilarious.  I love how serious this got.   This kid Neil Fatata just laying his guts on the line.  Saying how much he loves the league and how he got NBA Season pass just because of it.   Saying that true friends wouldn’t have voted him out, blah, blah, blah.   He’s totally wrong by the way.  If you cheat you get the boot no questions asked.  Regardless the video he made was laugh out loud funny.  A little slow in the beginning but it gets awesome at the 6 minute mark or so when he’s really starts soul searching.