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Never Trust A Man With A Ponytail

[KSR] - “I think right now with so many question marks with no workouts or anything like that, I would have to think that they’re thinking wide receiver or maybe at quarterback,” Clayton said. “But I would have to think he’s going to be more of an undrafted guy than anything else because that’s where you kind of go with that. Again, this draft is so weird because once you got to past the combine, everything was pretty well shut down about two, couple weeks after the combine.”

Wait a minute. WAIT A GODDAMN MINUTE. We're talking about Lynn Bowden here? This Lynn Bowden? 

The same Lynn Bowden that was one of the most dynamic punt returners in the country? The same one that was a weapon at WR that made a move to fucking QB and was one of the best rushers in the country (numbers don't lie)? Just want to make sure we are talking about the same one here. You know, the guy projected to go 3rd roundish? The one that teams are salivating over because of his playmaking ability? Not even that but the same NFL Draft with SEVEN FUCKING ROUNDS? Yeah, I'll take my chances betting Lynn gets drafted. 

If you disagree you're just trying too hard. 

Can't trust a man with a pony tail: