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Bill Maher's Rant About 'Hope Shaming' is the Best Thing Anyone Has Said During the Pandemic

Bill Maher is one of those guys who I don't agree with on a lot of things, but who I respect the hell out of. As a matter of fact, I don't know anybody who agrees with him on everything because he doesn't line up on one particular side. He's an iconoclast. He pushes buttons like it's his job. Which it is. But no one can deny he's smart and prepared and gives zero fucks who he offends. Which used to be considered good, noble qualities to have, but are on the endangered species list in 2020. 

But this is clip is something I think everyone of us can get behind. There are positive developments going on right now. The epidemic hasn't turned out to be nearly as bad as the worst predictions. Hospitals have been challenged, but not to the breaking point. The shut down, while far from over, is working. Our sacrifices are paying off. It's OK to feel good about that without being stoned to death in the public square. Enough with the panic porn, comparing supermarket refrigerator section to "a war zone." The constant worst-case-scenarioism isn't doing us any favors. No matter which party you plan to vote for. Or how terrified the event planner from North Hollywood is. 

Life is filled with risks. True safety is an illusion and the Grim Reaper is still undefeated. But like Maher says, "You don't need to put hot sauce on a jalepeno." Brlliant. So stay safe, but stay optimistic. Hope is a good thing. And no good thing ever dies.