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Today Should Have Been The Best Day Of The Year

Even though I knew it was coming and had weeks to prepare for it, I woke up sad as shit today. I should have been spending my entire day being a nervous wreck, not able to eat, not able to sit still, taking my dogs on so many walks they'll sleep through this entire quarantine, anything to keep my mind busy. Why? Because today was supposed to be Game 1 of the Celtics 2019-20 postseason run. Not only that, chances are it was going to be against our favorite frauds, the Sixers. 

*please hold for a moment while every insecure Sixers fan screams "3-1 this year!!!"

We don't need to remind them about what happened the last time they stepped foot in the Garden, we're all hurting right now. Maybe one day we'll actually have a Game 1, but today is not that day. I waited all year to tweet out that video this morning so there was no way I could keep it in the drafts. As soon as those 6 seconds come across the screen like a shot of dopamine straight to my brain. Absolute perfection. Now after about 15 straight watches I needed to see some form of Celtics playoff basketball so I lit some candles and went on quite the adventure. Seeing as how we aren't getting the real thing today, the least I can do is share what I watched in an effort to maybe help any other Celts stoolie that might be just as sad today. 

What a day this would have been man. Kemba's Celtics Playoff debut, the two Jays first playoffs post leaps, a 100% healthy Gordon Hayward, it all just sucks. 


If that still didn't scratch your itch, here's the video from yesterday as well. Remember, stay inside and try and keep the faith and one day this will be back in our lives