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Today in PMT History: PFT Commenter Thrives During His Trip to Hong Kong

Throughout the course of his Big J career, Mr. Commenter has given the public tons of laughs regarding various topics to us here in the United States. So, one year ago today, he continued that trend, but this time, in Hong Kong with fellow Barstool employee Donnie Does. On April 18, 2019, Mr. Commenter had the pleasure of running into friend of the program, recurring guest, and Vermont Catamount legend Ryen Russillo while out and about in Hong Kong:

And while we are on the nightlife topic, Mr. Commenter and Donnie spotted some young ones, trying to catch up and learn their lingo.

By watching each of those videos, you could really tell how much Mr. Commenter enjoyed Hong Kong. He provides a great comparison that many Americans can relate to...

And finally, who can forget his documented experience at a rugby match?! Mr. Commenter's favorite sport, combined with being surrounded by drunk people, in addition to not being a drug guy(?), it was great to see our friend having a great time during his trip.