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'Scotty Doesn't Know' Is Trending On Twitter This Morning, So Let's Take A Moment To Respect The Greatest Fake Song Ever


I have no idea why Scotty Doesn't Know is trending this morning but I don't hate it. I've blogged a wake up with EuroTrip earlier this month and called it arguably the most underrated movie of this era. It had to battle some absolute giants in the comedy world. Shit it even had to battle another movie with the name Trip at the end in Road Trip. 

You may ask yourself why is this trending? Well because of this TikTok of people trying to see if they knew songs from the 2000s: 

How that has 99,000 likes is beyond me. Young people don't know music from the 2000s. Pretty simple. That's all it takes to go viral? 

That said, EuroTrip has the greatest original song/fake song whatever you want to call it in movie history. Fuck outta here with That Thing You Do. Aldous Snow has some bangers, but they don't hold a light to this. This Is Spinal Tap? NOPE. Wedding Singer? Too depressing. Walk Hard? I'll listen, but it's not the answer.

Toss in the best cameo with Matt Damon looking like this and it's the only answer. Plus the song is fire. Enjoy

PS: The remix during the club scene is fire too, but can't find that. So here's a gif of Michele Trachtenberg dancing from it