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John Oliver Went After The Redskins and Dan Snyder For Not Changing Their Name


Big time Redskins offseason news! They’re making their way to premium cable shows now, with John Oliver doing a piece on them not changing their name. Just another standard day for Daniel Snyder. Gets skewered and refuses to budge on his stance. If there is one likable thing about Snyder, it is his ability to be hated by most Redskins fans for milking us of every last dollar we have to make himself a gazillionaire, while someone winning the respect of the really old school fans by not changing the name. It’s actually incredible how he’s done it. It’s hard not to respect him for his stance. When everyone is screaming in his face to change his racist team name, he just goes “nope”, launches a terrible PR campaign, has it backfire even more, and then keeps on keeping on as if the PR campaign worked. He just sits outside in a lawn chair in a hurricane and claims it’s not raining. It’s nothing short of incredible.