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Husky Man Takes Down Huskies Men: The Florida State Seminoles Are Fiesta Bowl Champions!


WHAT. A. GAME. An instant classic in Glendale, AZ took place tonight, as the Florida State Seminoles defeated the UConn Huskies 28-21 to win the 2015 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

This was a back-and-forth contest throughout, but one of the biggest storylines for the majority of the game was the funk that FSU quarterback Jameis Winston continued to be in. The NFL Draft prospect threw four interceptions:


So, with the passing game in shambles, Offensive Coordinator Gus Duggerton had to stick with the ground game. The only problem with that? Heisman Trophy winner Cam Banks got injured in the first half. 

Next man up, and tonight for FSU, enter John NcNeal:

The teams continued to trade punches, which eventually left us with a 21-20 UConn lead in the final minute. Florida State needed a prayer. Despite throwing the four INT's, Coach Duggerton once again put all his faith in Jameis Winston.

And. He. Delivered.


A magical play that created a magical moment. You will always remember where you were for Jameis Winston's heave to Dusty Smith. Coach Duggs almost woke up his baby after this radical celebration, but he successfully kept his emotions in check.

FSU converted the two-point conversion, making it 28-21 Seminoles. One last chance for UConn with 34 seconds left for a potential miracle, and the Huskies had a golden opportunity that slipped through their hands... literally.

On the very next play, UConn ran a HB dive for reasons nobody knows, leaving it up to one more Hail Mary:

What a game. What a season. This is far from the end of the story of Gus Duggerton, but is that all she wrote in Tallahassee? We'll find out tomorrow night: