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'The WNBA Selects Gianna Bryant' - Watch The WNBA Make GiGi And Her Teammates Alyssa Altobelli And Payton Chester Honorary Draft Picks

Just an awesome moment here to start the WNBA Draft tonight as the league made GiGi Bryant and her teammates Alyssa Altobelli And Payton Chester honorary draft picks. I know it feels like the tragedy was so long ago, but it's crazy to think it was just a few months ago. Remember GiGi was ready to carry on the Bryant legacy. She wanted to be the next great Bryant and I always think of this clip during something like this: 

At the same time, this is just another incredibly strong showing from Vanessa Bryant. With all the memorials and moments like this she somehow just seems like a rock through it all. So like I said, watch the tribute. Just a beautiful moment.