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Florida Reopened Their Beaches And It Looks Like We're Never Getting Sports Back


Tonight some Florida beaches re-opened because's fucking Florida. Silly me for thinking any of these people would be smart enough to stay inside and resist the temptation of the beach while a global pandemic is still very, very in play. Nope. I thought initially that picture above was fake but it's not. 

How are you going to tell me there's no large gatherings of 50 or more people here? Oh you can't lay out and tan? No chairs! That's against the rules oh no what will corona do with those measures? Everyone is standing next to each other so what's the difference? How does that make this okay?

Florida reported their single highest corona increase today. TODAY. Yup, beaches are all clear open those bad boys up. I just don't get it man. 

I feel like the country was making some legit progress here with social distancing. Maybe in a month or so we'd be able to think about slowly opening things back up. Maybe salvage the summer somehow. Well Florida is out here trying to send us back to the stone age. We may never get sports back. I might never see the inside of a bar again. I hate you Florida. I hate Governor Ron DeSantis. Dude's got to be one of the dumbest people on Earth for thinking this was a good idea right now. I have no idea what this dude looks like but all I picture is this asshole from Jaws.