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Joe Rogan On Tom Green's Internet Show In 2007 Is The Moment Podcasting Changed Forever

Let's just start off with Rogan's 2007 style:

Backwards hat. Baggy long sleeve shirt underneath a t-shirt. Baggy blue jeans. That's peak 2007 style. 

As a Joe Rogan fan, the clip above is fascinating. It is really the moment Rogan decides that he is going to start his own thing on the internet. 

"This is fucking awesome....this is way better."

Lord only knows how many downloads the Joe Rogan Experience has had since it started. It's one of the biggest forces in media, period. It has also inspired, I would guess, thousands (if not more) other podcasts to launch.  

Here are some stats from last year:

JRE may not be for everybody. It's been given the wrap of "Oprah for dudes." That's a pretty funny comparison, but I don't think Oprah has ever had a neurologist on for a 3-hour conversation before. The landscape of media has changed so much over the past decade. I had never seen the interview with Tom Greene before, which is probably the moment JRE really started.