Nicklas Backstrom Is By Far The Most Under-Appreciated Player in the NHL

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It’s just crazy how underrated Backy is across the league. He didn’t make the All Star team but yet he’s currently leading the league in both points and assists. He’s never made an All Star team. Never been nominated for the Selke even though coaches around the league wonder how he’s not just never been nominated, but never won it. All he does is go out there and produce. He’s quietly one of the best players in the league. Sure playing along a superstar helps, but if you’re going to use that as a cop-out, that’s like taking away Gretzky’s numbers because he played with Kurri, and vice versa. There’s always a reason people want to hate on people, but Backstrom deserves none of it. He’s always in position, always makes the right pass, and just gobbles up great play after great play. There’s a reason he has averaged over a point per game throughout his career.

This pass from just the other night was spectacular.




In a league of flashy centers, Backstrom produces quietly. There’s a reason we woke up this morning to this graphic all over Caps Twitter:



Third in assists last season. Third the year before. 101 points in 2009-2010. And leading both points and assists this year. He deserves more recognition. Not that he cares much for any sort of praise anyway. He’s just a great guy who handles himself with class and poise and dominates on the ice. Can’t ask for much more than that.