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Barstool TGIF: Relive 90s Nostalgia By Rewatching 'GUTS' With Its Host Mike O'Malley, Clem, Reags And Jeff D. Lowe NOW

Watch live on YouTube and join the chat here: 

Are you old enough to remember how important this gif and the words TGIF were? This is 100% for you then. Clem and myself decided to go ahead and start reliving 90s nostalgia because, there's nothing like it. We love the 90s, you love the 90s, anyone who grew up in the 90s loves the 90s. So every Friday at 9pm Eastern, we're going to hop on a stream and rewatch 90s shows. Tonight we're starting with Guts and we're bringing out a heavy hitter for this one.

Mike O'Malley - Jimmy Hughes from Yes, Dear. The Rick. And most importantly, the host of Guts/Global Guts: 

So join us tonight at 9pm for this. Instead of watching just one episode we're going to run through a handful of clips from the show to breakdown with Mike and pretty much just let him tell stories about the days of Guts. Each week the show will last an hour(ish) and will have a rotating cast of characters with me and Clem hosting. We'll be doing shows like American Gladiators, Rock n Jock, The Challenge, Real World, Saved by the Bell, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Supermarket Sweep, etc. Whatever makes you think of the 90s. If you have suggestions for shows or anything hit us up.

So join us tonight at 9 with a beer, a cocktail, a Mondo or some Surge and listen to Mike O'Malley. We'll have the stream on our Twitter accounts @barstoolreags and @theclemreport and we'll update the blog with it all. You'll be able to interact with us and ask Mike questions too.