Tiger Woods Taking An Indefinite Leave Of Absence From Golf

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Honestly, not all that surprising.  It fucking sucks but I’m not surprised.  Kinda feels like he never returned, right?  If you watched Tiger the last couple of tournaments he’s not even close to playing at a tournament level.  I’m not even talking about Tiger playing like old Tiger when he was beating anybody and everybody.  I’m just talking about making cuts, not finishing in last place all the time or withdrawing.  That’s where he’s at right now.  His game needs work.  A lot of work.  His body is a piece of shit and it needs constant rehabilitation.  Looking back, it’s pretty crazy that he came back so soon after back surgery so soon and was bragging about how he was swinging 120 miles per hour.  So for better or worse, this is what Tiger needs to do right now.  Love him or hate him, he’s good for the game of golf but not when he’s missing every cut/pulls out of every tournament.  Then he’s just annoying.  He says he’ll be back “soon” so I guess it’s wait and see.  My advice?  Throw in a Denny’s waitress during rehab and see how that makes him feel.  Get those old juices flowing.


Luckily for golf fans there’s no shortage of young talent to watch right now.  So while this is obviously a big blow to the game and ratings because Tiger brings in the casual fan (at least on Thursday and Fridays), golf fans will still have something to tune in for.