Reporter Stiff Arms A Would-Be Videobomber Like An Absolute Pro


Whoa is that Marshawn Lynch out there?  Nope.  Steve Kuzj.  Reporter for KTLA 5.  If Pete Carroll has Steve last Sunday, he calls a running play.  No doubt in my mind.  Out there stiff arming mother fuckers and doing reports about the measles.  Incredible.  Flawless.  Impeccable.  And any other adjective you can think of.  I can almost guarantee Steve played football in high school and maybe even college.  If he didn’t, it was a goddamn waste of talent.  Vicious stiff arm and poise to go along with it.  A natural leader.  Steve didn’t miss a beat when Crazy Guy tried to blow up his spot.  Steve saw him, knew what was happening, launched a stiff arm, measles report.  Bang.