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The NFL Is Doing A Virtual Mock Draft On Monday - But They Have To Draft Legendary Players So Teams Don't Tip Their Hands

I'm absolutely addicted to this year's NFL Draft. Sure, I may just be starved for sports content and I'm always a sucker for the NBA/NFL Draft. But now you're adding in a mock draft to make sure everything goes right and I'm even more intrigued. I love, LOVE, that they have to use legendary players because they are scared someone is going to tip their hand. 

There are two for sure things that I need to happen. 1) I need a legendary player to get pissed off they weren't drafted. There are plenty of options here, but I need Shannon Sharpe to lose his mind he wasn't picked by the Broncos and instead John Elway picks John Elway. Let's drum up some drama for no reason whatsoever, even if this would typically be reserved for the NBA. 

Second, I need someone to tip their hand. I said this about the blog earlier today with the Big Brother camera, but someone is going to screw up. There are three executives from each team allowed to give their pick. These guys aren't used to dealing with this sort of technology, ESPECIALLY when it comes to draft shit. One of these GMs/front office guys have to forget what they are doing for a second and say who is at the top of their draft board. Just give us a little nibble into where they are thinking. 

As far as I can tell this isn't going to be televised. Why not? We don't have anything new on TV right now, slap this bad boy on Monday at noon. Let us see how this draft is going to look from a TV standpoint and how teams are going to talk. Give us behind the scenes of how these guys are going to talk, what happens when 100% technology shit breaks. 

That said, if the Giants don't take Lawrence Taylor - the greatest football player ever - with their mock pick I will lose my shit. Who do you want your team to take in this fake mock draft?