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Quinnipiac Student Successfully Gets Sorority Charity Event To Raise Money For Children In Foster Care Cancelled Because She Was Offended The Poster Had Maracas On It

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QU Chronicle After senior Lexie Gruber posted on Facebook that she was offended by an advertisement for a sorority’s annual philanthropy event, students insulted her and threatened her on social media sites such as Yik Yak.

When Gruber saw a poster for the event on a Kappa Alpha Theta member’s Facebook, she commented on the photo, saying the maracas on the ad were offensive because they stereotyped Mexicans.

Some Kappa Alpha Theta chapters across the country hold the Queso for CASA event where members sell Mexican food to raise money for their philanthropy, CASA or Court Appointed Special Advocates, an organization which helps foster children.

“As a Latina student at Quinnipiac I find this incredibly offensive,” Gruber commented on the Facebook of sorority member and Student Government Association Vice President for Public Relations Carly Hviding. “I support your mission and philanthropy, but ask that you respect the culture of others and do not appropriate it in stereotypical and offensive ways. I don’t mean any harm, just want to point that out.”

Kappa Alpha Theta’s executive board said it realized the ad was offensive and decided on Monday to cancel the event, originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 3

“We are leading women of the community and on campus and it was in our best interest to cancel the event,” President of Kappa Alpha Theta Julia Gonsalves said. “We don’t stand for any discrimination and we wanted to cancel it and revamp it so that it will not be offensive to anyone on campus.”




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PHEW.  Thank God somebody finally said something.  Been bothering me for years and never had the courage to say anything, but if there two things that have been a blight on society, it’s unfair depictions of maracas and god damn foster kids.  Always with their hands out, looking for free money, wahhh we’re orphans, we don’t have homes of our own because of some horrible tragedy.  Oh no no no, not on Gruber’s and my watch.  Not if the way we are going to support you is by raising a shit ton of money through a Mexican food event featuring a pair of maracas on a poster on campus.  For far too long Mexican students have been tormented by the excessive use of percussion musical instruments and it’s high time we put an end to the incredibly offensive appropriation.   Sure maybe we’ll raise 50 grand for children in need, but at what cost?  A college student’s feelings getting hurt?  Not a trade off I’m willing to make.   Sorry foster kids.

I STAND WITH GRUBER and all these Quinnipiac social justice warriors, maracas must be stopped.



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