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A Bunch Of Shithead TikTokers Keep Pranking Their Elderly Teacher On Zoom

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3 

Part 4

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Part 6 

And that, my friends, is six reasons why you should never ever ever become a teacher. Because whether you like it or not, one day you'll end up like Mrs. Cirfelli. The old, oblivious, sweetheart surrounded by a bunch of shit head students who have zero respect for you. That poor woman. I mean she had NO idea what was going on. Not a clue. One second she's asking why everyone bombed on the exam (video two) and the next she's trying to figure out why they're dancing in her face. She seemed to have a good sense of humor about it but still, she doesn't need that in her life. I'm sure it was stressful enough trying to figure out how to turn the computer on. By the way, that video series has 90 million views on TikTok. More than twice the population of the state of California has seen Mrs. Cirfelli in action. What a world.  

The funny thing is, everyone had a teacher like Mrs. Cirfelli. We had three of them in our school. Two taught computers and one was a drunk lady with nine cats (not Kate) who taught French. Kids were ruthless to them too and they couldn't have cared less. They had tenure so they were basically just punching a time card. Keep in mind this was before cyberbullying existed so kids would just shit on them to their face. We had one kid who would routinely raise his hand and ask the teacher to show the class how big her feet were. It was like clockwork. Simpler times! Hopefully Mrs. C is able to get control of her class and finish the year out strong. We're rooting for you! Good luck.