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Incoming USC Chick Posts On Class of 2019 Facebook Page That She's A Top Bitch Majoring In Frat Boys Looking For A Roommate Whose Parents Make 6 Figures

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Posts like these pop up around this time every year and the internet always roundly shits all over them.  Saying how chicks like this should be immediately blackballed from all sororities and publicly humiliated, basically trying to ruin their college careers before they even start.  Just classic 2015 America trying to rip everybody down.  Seriously I’m kind of digging this girl’s whole vibe personally.  Just looking to fuck and party and drink beer.  Likes frat guys because she knows they’ll give her and all her friends a place to hang and drink for free, really generous of her.  Pretty picky about who she associates with on social media, got to respect the precaution, lotttttt of creeps out there these days.  Only talks to 9 out of 10s, sets her standards high and has a lot of respect for herself.  We could use more confident and empowered, strong high self esteem women these days.  So she’s a top bitch whose parents are rich and have 2 houses outside of the continental US and wants a roommate who shares similar traits?  What’s wrong with that?  Nobody wants to live with somebody poor, they never have any snacks to steal.  Later haters.



PS – Chances one of her friends went on her Facebook and left this message and basically ruined her life >>>> the chances she wrote it for real.



[via Sorority Move]