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Florida Man In Training Breaks Into Restaurant & Goes On 4 Day Bender

On today's episode of Hard Factor News, we have a story about one Connecticut man's triumph that led to his induction into the Florida Man Community.  As reported by the Miami Herald, Louis Ortiz of New Haven was found white-knuckled and clutching a bottle of rum outside a local restaurant around 11:30 Tuesday morning.  

Ortiz was originally discovered in the broom closet of the restaurant by one of the managers, where he probably passed out after a wicked threesome with the mop and bucket.  When police arrived, Ortiz was in the street, bottle in hand, and grinning from the satisfaction of his 4-day long bender.  (See Mugshot above).  

Damage done by Ortiz amounted to thousands of dollars in food loss and an estimated 70 bottles lost in liquor, and we'd like to think Ortiz drank all of that as he whipped up 5-course meals every night, chef hat and all... 


But, according to police reports Ortiz had left the restaurant with some of the booze occasionally, which was definitely the biggest hobo banger in town, and would return for meals and a place to sleep.

New Haven Police arrested Ortiz on several charges including larceny, burglary, and criminal mischief.  His bond was set at $12,500. 

This championed effort recognized by the Florida Man Community was covered on today's episode which you can listen to above, or watch below.  

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