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Remember That Dancing Grandma On The Prowl For Fresh Meat? Well Apparently That Wasn't Her First Rodeo

Original Blog Of The Old Bag Cutting A Rug Here

Reader Email: Old Lady Dancing At The Fieldhouse


Saw the old lady dancing video this morning and figured I had to send this now. I was at the Fieldhouse a few months ago and saw almost the same thing. Not sure if this is the same old lady but I’ll let you be the judge.



Reader Email: Friend hooked up with that old lady

This is my buddy shamelessly getting with that old lady. Just out in Philly one night and she was ripping shots, then started cuttin the rug doing that killer dance with her thumbs out. And my buddy is that kind of guy who cares very little about life so he will do pretty much about anything for the story. He’s known for going up to ladies and striking them with a hotmouth. He started dancing then went in for the kill. Little bit of tongue. He was also supposed to get 100 bucks out of if but naturally no one payed him after.


We’ve got a cougar on the loose! Good grief, Estelle. I guess you have to respect the fact she gave away all her fucks while Ike was in office, and still has some left for the kids. At an age most people are worried about shitting themselves or dropping dead on cue she’s wrecking dicks and taking names all over Philly. Dancing around like it’s V-J Day all over again. Can’t hate the hustle.

Also, your boy took a super hit with that make out session. Not just on the ol’ life resume when this hits the streets, but more so physically. That old bag of bones probably sucked some of the life out of him like Rouge from Xmen just to keep the heart beating one more song. Pay the man his money.