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This Chick Needs To Relax After Finding An Alien In Her Canned Tuna



ENGLAND – YOU would expect to find something fishy in a can of tuna – but this pair of tiny black eyes were completely ‘out of plaice’. Zoe Butler, of Hawthorn Crescent in Arnold, opened a can of Princes tuna and spotted a creature staring at her. “I dropped the fork, jumped back, screamed a bit and shouted.” The mother-of-two, aged 28, has complained to the company and is keeping the dead creature (pictured above) in the tin while she waits for a reply. Princes has apologised and has said it is investigating.

Hey toots, you’re eating tuna out of a can. You’re already expecting to ingest something disgusting in the first place. If not then you shouldn’t be buying a weeks worth of meals for $4. That extraterrestrial slug is probably 10000x better for you than anything else in there. Deal with it. This is a type of broad that would be upset if you tell her there is dead fish in there, too. If there’s a real-life Pokemon larva in my canned tuna, so be it. Comes with the lifestyle.

Also, tuna pouches are as life changing as it gets. That and silverware. Regardless, #TeamCannedTuna4Life.