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The Crease Dive: Should The PLL Get Their Own Version Of Fight Island This Summer? Absolutely

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Big time lax bro Dr. Fauci said earlier this week that there's a chance for pro sports to return this summer, but only if there aren't any fans in attendance. It'll be weird, it'll be different, but it'll be a helluva lot better than nothing. 

Now the Premier Lacrosse League isn't your typical pro sports league. Teams don't have a home city, but instead it's a tour with all the teams traveling to the same new city each weekend. One week in Boston, another week with every team in Dallas, they all travel to Minneapolis, so on and so forth. And the reasoning behind that is that it's a lot easier to get people in Portland to be able to watch professional lacrosse live by having the entire league travel there for one weekend as opposed to giving the city of Portland their own team. 

But since we won't be able to have fans at any athletic events this summer, it wouldn't really make sense to keep going from city to city anymore. So on this week's episode of The Crease Dive, we talk about how the league needs to take a page out of the Dana White playbook and get their own fight island for the 2020 PLL season. Just buy an island, set up a field, have all the players live there for the summer once they've been quarantined, and that right there is how you save the season. Easiest solution of all time. 

And if anybody out there is thinking to themselves, "how the hell is a pro lacrosse league going to afford an entire private island?". Well the answer is simple--the lacrosse world has a billionaire. Joe Tsai is worth $11 billion and the man loves to lax. You don't think he wouldn't want his own private lacrosse island on top of being the hero who saved the season? I truly believe that as long as everybody asks politely, he'd be down for it. 

Also on this week's episode we discuss the end of the Petro Era at Hopkins, and talk about the college lacrosse free agency season with a bunch of big names hitting the transfer portal already this week. 

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