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Quarantine Question Of The Day: Do You Have To Share Your Price Is Right Winnings With Someone You Are On A Third Date With?

Our friend Jason raises a very interesting question here. Depending on what type of pre-dating relationship you had with someone, the third date could be seen as the fulcrum date. Have some chicken, maybe some sex, and depending how everything goes, the person you just spent a few hours with could become a significant other. Or they just become a distant memory on your road to what is hopefully a blessed life with somebody or nobody else, depending on what you want.

Which is why you simply CANNOT blindly commit half of your winnings to someone you are on a third date with. All they have done in those first two dates is not completely fuck up. For all you know, they have been employing an Aim Small, Miss Small strategy to feel things out and maybe get some steak or hand stuff out of you. You cannot give them half of a His And Hers watch set or maybe even A NEWWWW CARRRRR just because they didn't nuke your relationship yet by revealing something major, or to be honest even something minor, that would stop things at three dates. 


Unfortunately for Jason, Drew steered him in a different direction.

Followed by Jason winning a trip to motherfucking TAIWAN that he will almost definitely have be taking this chick on, regardless of whether or not they are still dating once travel becomes allowed in this world again, which based on the reports we have all been hearing, may be a while (Not to mention if they have spent the last month quarantined together).

When you just won a trip to Taiwan by going on two dates and sitting in a live studio audience:


This guy also apparently lost out in the Showcase Showdown after his date told him to spin again on a 60, got a 30 for 90 cents total, then got taken down by a lady who spun a 95. So let this be a lesson to all the young love birds out there. Don't commit half your Price Is Right winnings unless you bought The Ring, could see yourself buying The Ring, or at the very least share an apartment and don't want it to get awkward every time you call it My Vespa instead of Our Vespa.

I will say this however. I have no problem with people making pacts with whatever group they went to Price Is Right with to split everything down the middle since nobody knows if they will get their name picked by The Price Is Right Gods and you need to have at least one person to throw out in their pricing suggestions in the form on hand signs during what I imagine is utter mental chaos while standing on that legendary stage that Bob Barker built. Even Thanos had the Children Of Thanos to help him collect his Infinity Stones. And if you want to play Hero Ball and try to do it yourself, that's fine too. But to blindly commit potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars in awesome prizes to someone because you shared a couple of meals and maybe a couple of beds with them is next level crazy.

Blogger's Note: Thanks to Barstool Banks for sending this Twitter thread over to me knowing that I love blogging The Price Is Right and would not love to be drafted into the most dangerous game on the internet full of weapons and potentially coronavirus that we call The Unboxing, even though a break from my kids would be AWESOME. I like to think I would have been able to live tweet this myself, but Governor Cuomo is usually on all the local stations from 11-12 giving us the latest batch of bad covid news instead of the joys of Price Is Right. Which I completely understand because updating the public on a pandemic is much more important than a TV  show.

But for those of us relying on gameshows to scratch both our competitive itch without sports, would it kill CBS to move Price Is Right to CBS Sports Network so we have Price Is Right no matter what every day? I don't know if this idea needs to be sent to my local congressman or my local CBS network. But those of us in the Tri-State Area and everywhere else this is happening need that shit fixed pronto Tonto.