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The Last 5 Mins Of "The Last Dance" Episode 1 Were Released And I NEED Someone To Dig Up Jerry Krause's Old Emails

First of all...

Okay, now that we've covered that...

This documentary is missing one thing and one thing only...Jerry Krause. Perhaps this all-access footage will give us some insight into him as well, but the fact that he can't defend himself and his thinking in retrospect sucks. This was 5 minutes and he is painted as the ultimate villain in this whole thing. In like a one minute span people called him a poor, fat, midget and everyone whoever met him hated his guts. While ALL of that is probably true, the fact that he died in 2017 and is thus, unavailable for comment on this documentary does leave something to be desired. I NEED to hear his side of things, unfiltered. I don't know how the internet truly works, but I feel like if we need to get wikileaks and Julian Assange to hack the Bulls emails from 96-99. Figure out what Jerry Krause was saying to people in private about why he wanted to take the greatest team that ever was and throw it in the dumpster. Michael Jordan had the quote recently that he was afraid that people would think he was the biggest asshole ever after watching the documentary, but that can't be true because Jerry Krause is in it and after one little 5 minute clip I want to dig up his dead body and punch it in the face. And that's probably not fair because there are two sides to every story and I would LOVE to know his. We need a document dump. Find his kids. Collect all of his belongings. He's gotta have old note pads and files and shit. The sequel do this doc can just be a pdf of his journals that covered with stains from donut frosting. They have to be out there somewhere.