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Patrick Kane's Coronavirus PSA's Are The Most Electrifying Thing On The Internet


These are becoming my favorite thing on social media. Every time they come out people are always in the replies/quote tweeting about how Kane is being held hostage to make them. Or that it looks like he just woke from a nap and I honestly respect the hell out of it. Patrick Kane isn't about to pull out some cartoony voice or even crack a smile when he's directed to make one of these videos for social media.

He's going to be authentically him and if you don't like it then oh well. It's way better than someone like Ryan Dempster who would probably wear like 18 masks on his face to recreate the cool guy sunglasses gif while singing the Kars 4 Kids jingle.

I also now want to make it one of my missions in life to get Kane on the podcast and have him talk about something he loves besides hockey. Like I need to see that man in those videos above come alive on a topic and just really dig into it. It could be dipping sauces, water parks, screened in porches, etc. I don't care.

We can even circle back to the time when we talked Gale Street Inn ribs briefly at a charity tournament in 2018. I know you love those, Patrick. So do I.