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Does This Look Like The Face Of A 21 Year Old Slapping Jay-Z With A Paternity Suit?

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(Source) – A New Jersey paternity suit alleges hip hop icon Jay Z is the father of a 21-year-old aspiring rapper — and he’s trying to dodge a DNA test to determine if he is the daddy. The godmother of Rymir Satterthwaite told the Daily News that the family was shocked to learn word of the suit became public this week. Satterthwaite’s legal guardian, a paralegal named Lillie Coley, filed the suit in a New Jersey civil court in December 2014, the Enquirer reported Wednesday. The report indicated the paternity question was first raised at least five years ago. Wanda tried to force Jay Z to take a 2010 paternity test after it was determined that another man was not the boy’s father, according to the Enquirer report.




Who the hell needs a DNA test on this one? Jay Z is that fucking dude’s dad. No question about it. I don’t even think this is a “black people look alike” thing (it’s totally a black people look alike thing), that’s how strong the resemblance is. They’ve both got the sad eyes, circular lips, wide nose… they’re carbon copies. Jay saw that kid and refused to take a paternity test like when you wake up and fake sick because you forgot you had a math quiz that day. You do it because you know you’re not gonna like the end result if you go through with it. If Jay doesn’t want this to be a legal case that’s fine, we should take it to the supreme court of paternity suits: Maury. Won’t even use DNA, just one of those celebrity facial scanners and I guarantee you Jay will not be doing a “you are not the father” dance.




PS – Just did my celebrity scanner. Nbd bitches. Didn’t even have to show my abs.


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