The Bruins And Oilers Participated In History's Worst Shootout Last Night



Actually, I hate exaggeration so let’s be clear one thing up: it wasn’t the worst shootout in history last night. It was the second worst.



Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 8.15.42 AM




Just a disgusting display of talent. For goodness sake even the winning goal was a fumbled move and an accident. I’ve been sick as hell so I went to bed last night at like 5 PM and thank god I wasn’t up to see this nonsense. 11 minutes and 38 seconds of professional hockey players shooting undefended and NO ONE scored. You know how they have the mini one-on-ones in between periods during the Bs? Those are far more entertaining than this was. Hell they might have more skill. You take one of those kids and let them take 23 breakaways and one of them will find the back of the net. But this is the sad state of affairs right now. Heartbreaking loss to the Flames followed by a disgusting loss to the basement dwelling Oilers. Remember a month ago when they had their swagger back and were never going to lose again? That was nice.



PS – I don’t know how Erskine Scrivens, whoops, has the balls to stand there while Chara winds up from the hashmarks on that last shot. I’d be out of there so fucking fast. Like the goalies used to do when Fulton Reed wound up. Just dive for cover.



h/t NextImpulse