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Are People Actually Concerned With Pablo Sandoval's Weight?

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We put up that pic yesterday and said it was Fat Tuesday. I thought it was a little har har joke and really not a big deal at all. But now all over Twitter I’m seeing articles about how the Sox have already fucked themselves giving a guy who can’t keep his weight in check 95 million dollars. What is wrong with you people? I know it’s a slow month for sports but chill the fuck out. For starters, we’re talking about Pablo Sandoval. If he looked like Nomar in ’01, then I’d be concerned. He just looks like Pablo Sandoval. He’s never been a vision of fitness and he does just fine. Second of all, you ever just relaxed your gut, as he’s doing? Go lift your shirt up, arch your back, and let your gut fly. The sight you see in the mirror will make you want to puke. And if you look at the rest of his pics from yesterday, he doesn’t look all that big.



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No, he doesn’t look like a high school cross country star. But those pics also don’t make you say “OMG HOW DID WE GIVE A FAT MAN SO MUCH MONEY?!” He’s a third baseman who looks exactly how he’s always looked. He took a bad candid picture. You do the same all the time, only you get to untag it. Pablo doesn’t. Everyone calm down. Just be happy that he’s so excited to be at camp early he’s got a little chubby in his pants.