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I Need To Get On The Yoan Moncada Workout Plan And I Need To Do It STAT

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Just saw MLB’s pic RT’d and it’s safe to say that I need Yoan Moncada to say “Boston” when he makes his decision (believe that is expected to be on February 23rd). Sure, I want him because he’s a highly touted Cuban. I want him because he’s supposed to have a bet like Cano. I want him because his ceiling is supposed to be higher than Yasiel Puig’s. But above all else, I want him in town so he can teach me his bicep workouts. Beach season ain’t too far off and if I’m being honest my workout plan hasn’t been firing on all cylinders for about 3 years now. But if I could just get this 19 year old (wink wink) to throw me a few pointers, maybe hook me up with a few Cuban vitamins (everyone knows they have the healthiest vitamins ever down there) then I’ll be so swolled up on the beach this summer.