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Kanye And Taylor Swift Are Working On A Song Together... You're Welcome, America

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(TIME) Taylor Swift and Kanye West appeared to bury the hatchet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday when they posed together for smiling pictures six years after he infamously interrupted her onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards. But Kanye West must be serious about mending ties between the two artists at the top of their genres, because he just told Ryan Seacrest on Wednesday that he and Taylor Swift are planning to head into the studio and collaborate. This raises numerous questions: she’s squeaky clean and radio friendly, and he’s often not, so how will their sounds meet in the middle? Will she be singing a hook on his upcoming Yeezus followup, or is this an entirely separate joint project? Given her love for rap, will Yeezy give her some pointers? Will he call her “Taylor,” or do you think he’ll fall for nicknames like “T-Swizzle”?


Live look at the studio while this song is being recorded…





Say what you want about these two but don’t say they don’t put out white hot heat. Probably about to drop the best song in history and make Stairway to Heaven look like 1-800-Kars 4 Kids. My only hope is that Kanye doesn’t keep Taylor strictly on the hook because there is no denying she crushed her verses on Thug Story. I’M KNITTIN’ SWEATERS YO!