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Bob Dylan Has Been Dropping New Songs Throughout Quarantine

Bob Dylan is just one of those artists that just supersedes era. Just about everyone loves him and if you don't, you were probably a gothic weirdo in HS. 

I think all of us have gotten a little more into music recently because there's nothing better to do. That's the Zen Art of Drinking Alone for you; just sit around, jam out and get completely obliterated, and now you can do that with a few new Bob Dylan jams.

First song was from a few weeks back and is about the Kennedy Assassination:

Typical Dylan as we know him. Fast paced, ton of instrumentals and meaningful lyrics, even if said lyrics are about a brutal murder. I dig it and I think most people will dig it too.  But then we get to his new song that dropped late last night:


Yeahhhhh this one is a little different. Not the typical upbeat Dylan most people are accustomed too. I didn't like it at first and the lyrics and tone are really sullen, but maybe after a few more listens it'll grow on me.

Nevertheless it's great seeing one of the GOATs is still pumping out music, even at the age of 78.  Hopefully more artists follow suit.  Oh, and ya know what would be AWESOME? If he dropped some tribute song to John Prine. 

Just sayin'