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Remember The Time Michael Jordan Ruined Patrick Ewing In The '91 Playoffs? That Was Awesome.

Hey Reags suck on that. You probably LOVED John Starks as a kid and the bad boy Knicks and all that pussy shit. Haha. That must have sucked every year growing up knowing Michael Jordan was waiting to murder you provided you could get by Reggie Miller and Rik Smits. And this is all coming from a Bears fan that's largely gotten waxed year in and year out by the Green Bay Packers to the tune of 19-42 since MJ won his first championship. For all intents and purposes I know what it's like to be someone else's little bitch and even then it's literally nothing to me because I can do stuff like beat myself to sleep watching this on repeat while counting MJ's scoring titles. 

Speaking of which, probably my favorite MJ statistic of all time. 

He played 13 seasons with the Bulls. 11 of them were full seasons where he qualified for the scoring title. He won it in 10 of those seasons. The only one he didn't was his rookie year when he averaged 28 a game on 52% from the field including a whopping NINE made 3-pointers on the entire season. 

And I know yesterday was national horny day but I'm rock hard thinking about the MJ content that's coming our way. Idk if we deserve it but I'm prepared to get bulldozed with every MJ story in existence. Bring it to me now goddamnit.