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Wake Up With The Sweetness Of White Chocolate

The other day we woke up with the Killer Crossover, one of the more influential moves that kids everywhere practiced in their driveway in the 90s. Well, when it comes to influential players in the early 2000s you have to bring up White Chocolate and the magic he showed on a nightly basis. This guy came into the league and was pulling off shit nobody had really seen before, especially from a white dude. Maybe you're a Kings fan and are still sad he was traded for Mike Bibby, but it doesn't get much more creative on the basketball court than Jason Williams. It's not just the elbow pass either, this man saw the floor in ways few point guards ever have and had the balls to try passes that would normally get you benched if you ever tried to pull them off in a game. Truly a one of a kind player in an era where his skillset didn't really exist.