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Tom O'Neill Goes On The Joe Rogan Show And Says That Charles Manson Might Have Been A CIA Asset

I was VERY close to throwing a "must watch" label on this video. It's 24 minutes long and that's if you just let run the entire time without pausing and rewinding while making the Don Draper "what?" 

Charles Manson, one of the most notorious psychothatic murderers ever...worked for the US government. Or was at least protected by the government. Manson would get arrested all the time and would be released because...Manson had been experimented on in prison, possibly, as a part of the MK Ultra CIA program. So many bizarre details. Government officials knew about his followers because he would show up to clinics. The CIA might have used him to infultrate hippy culture. His parole officer who always let him off ended up being the foster parent to Manson's That same parole officer got two of Manson's women who were convicted of crimes to be released without any real punishment then those women went on to murder for Manson. The whole thing was a mind fuck. 

It was a WILD podcast and trying to recap it would be futile because Tom O'Neill really touched them all. Charles Manson, Whitey Bulger, Jack Ruby, The CIA, MK Ultra...the entire thing was a mind fuck. Between this podcast and the "Out Of The Shadows" documentary on Youtube right now it really makes you think twice about our government and the CIA. It's no wonder that Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Truman all said that the CIA should be broken up...and then Kennedy got killed and nobody ever tried to do that again.