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Wake Up With Wishing You Were 21 With Corey Smith

It's Friday, we all wish we could hit up a bar tonight. We can't. So instead we're going to listen to one of the most underrated musicians out there - Corey Smith. Sure he's underrated because I love him, but that's all that matters when we're talking rankings and opinions. Love seeing Corey Smith live and we're going to wake up with his biggest song today for some good vibes. Also shout out Athens, one of the most fun college towns I visited. If I had to rank the SEC towns I've been to: 

1. Lexington (Duh)

2. Athens

3. Vandy area of Nashville 

4. Tuscaloosa 

5. Columbia, SC

6. Only because I've been to 6 - Starkville 

Don't like live music, here's the music video: