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Wake Up With the Fenway Pizza Throw

I don’t know what’s harder to believe: That this was 13 years ago. Or that all these years later, I don’t know a grown man who can watch it without pissing himself laughing. To this day it’ll come up in conversation in a bar (when we are still allowed to have conversations in bars) and someone will pull out their phone to find it. I’ve looked it up so many times YouTube search bar autofills to it whenever I type “F-E-N.”

It’s so perfect just the ultimate act of Massholery. Morning drinking at Fenway, and a guy in a Patriots jacket commits A&B DW: Assault & Battery with a Delicious Weapon. The Pizza Chucker in question eventually came back to Fenway and was interviewed by Jenny Dell. And I’m 99% sure I met him once. But his legend will endure forever. Happy Anniversary.