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Dominik Hasek's Stats Compared To The Rest Of The NHL Were Absurd

This tweet stopped me dead in my tracks. Hasek might be the Tony Gwynn or Greg Maddux of hockey. Just an insanely dominant player in his era. And we all knew that then, but then when 20+ years pass by you step back, look at the numbers again and say "holy FUCK". 

Just for further context, the NHL league average for sv% now is .910 and that is down a bit from recent years. The league leaders in 2019-20 are right around .930. To have a goalie in today's NHL be as dominant as Hasek relative to the competition, my math says he'd have to give up zero goals per game. I honestly don't know how to do that math. Someone in the comments or on internet help me out. Is it simply having a save percentage for an entire season at .960 in today's game? Because I mean that is basically zero goals. What an unbelievable advantage. 


For even further context...The Blackhawks traded Hasek to Buffalo because they wanted to go with Eddie Belfour as their guy. Understandable. He was awesome. Belfour was no question one of the best goalies in the 90s. In 1994-95 Belfour finished 2nd for the Vezina to Hasek. Belfour had a .906sv% that year...Hasek had a .930. The gap between first in second is absurd. It'd be like if Usain Bolt won the gold medal and my fat ass won silver. 

You could make a legitimate argument that he's the most dominant player in the history of the game. And it's not like those Sabres teams were world beaters. He put them on his back and carried them to the playoffs just about every year. Two MVPs, 6 Vezinas, and the most entertaining goalie stylistically of all-time. I feel like when the game's greatest goalies are talked about it is always Roy and Brodeur at the top of the list. But if you had one goalie at their peak to win one game I think you have to go with Hasek. He gets left out of the discussion because he doesn't have the Cups that those two guys have. 

There will never be another goalie like Hasek. A goalie coach would NEVER allow one of their pupils to play like him. Diving and flopping all over the ice. Coming out to the tops of the circles on breakaways. The guy was insane. I don't even know what to call him because butterfly feels wrong. He was a completely unique athlete and for my money...the GOAT

PS: Rick Jeanerette is an international treasure