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I Lost 20-0 In NHL20 To Zach Werenski And I'm Lost For Words

So tonight was one of the lowest points of my life. I lost a game of chel by 20 goals to Columbus Blue Jackets dman Zach Werenski and I am completely lost for words. I knew Zach was good and I knew I was bad, but 20-0? I'm such a loser it's not even funny. I should've known I was fucked when I opened up twitch today to see Werenski streaming EASHL with Nasher. To share the NHL20 ice with Nasher is like getting to play on a line with Ovechkin. Nasher is the face of hockey video games and right before Zach played me, he's setting up backdoor passes to the GOAT. Now I have to say "I love Zach Werenski" on the next 5 podcasts. Completely sandbagged.

I have decided to take this as a positive. This is just the beginning. They are going to make documentaries about my path to hockey video game stardom so either get on the train now or get fucked. I just need 4-8 months of practice.