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GENIUS COACH CAL AT IT AGAIN!!! Obi Toppin Wins NPOY, UK Instantly Signs His Brother As A Transfer

Look at that genius Coach Cal! What do you do when a guy named Obi Toppin, who decided to come back to school when he could have been a late 1st round pick, wins NPOY at Dayton? You instantly reach out to his brother who decided to transfer from Rhode Island. Oh, wait, not just his brother. 

The brother that had the same growth spurt at the same time? The same Obi Toppin that can do this shit? Not to mention that Toppin redshirted his freshman year (after a prep year) and turned into this monster: 

The same Obi Toppin that made Dayton's offense arguably the best in the country because of his ability to play a spaced out-5 that can be a playmaker? Only in this case Jacob Toppin has to be a wing? Oh and he gets a year to sit out and spend that year practicing against BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke? Sign me the fuck up. Also considering that Jacob Toppin's final 3 included Iowa State and Oregon. 

Big blow for those who say Cal will only take 5-stars and roll the ball out. Can't wait to see the debate now. Going to guess there's at least one idiot in Kentucky who is pissed Toppin isn't from Kentucky, but here we are. A guy that will be in the program for multiple years along with Dontaie Allen on the wing? LOVE to see it. Coach Cal did it again. 

Oh and those that want to make the Steph/Seth Curry joke, remember Seth was still a 2nd Team All-American. I'd be okay with that.